January 7, 2006

Creation and Evolution

Catechesis from the diocesis of Vienna:

Creation and Evolution
In the beginning...
Each thing according to its kind
He upholds the universe
You govern all things
What is man?


Someone Else said...

Hello there,

I have a couple of very good friends who have been influenced very positively by your comments from time to time (and although my site was "private and anonymous", your positive encouragement was an inspiration to me as well. I looked at your site some months ago, but... Never took the time to comment, myself. I have updated my profile to show my email address. I tried to get it to show my blogsite, the one I "shared" with broken smile but ... something seems to be broke within the profile changer tonight.. i'll try again another time, but... I am interested in chatting sometime, maybe via email, if you care to. Otherwise when I get the profile fixed, you can visit that site, if interested (although many of my original posts have been removed to "draft" status after she and I shared stories for so long.... =) They served their purpose, I suppose.

--- I guess this isn't a good comment on your current post! But actually I did have something to say here, as well.

I see you've updated your other (non-English) site... I know it takes time to translate and post your thoughts on the English side =) but ... you do have "fans" over here, as well. I am not asking you to post because I know we all seem to have problems with not having enough time in the day, but... I am just trying to say, anything you can post here, will be read!

John said...

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