December 7, 2005

Blog Beginning

Ok!... It seems that now I have my own Blog! Maybe this time I will be able to keep my diary, something I have tried for a long time, with no success!... Now all I have to do is to find the time to configure it properly... The title may sound bizarre... the expression ocurred to me a few days ago, when I was explaining to a friend that what I would really like was to be able to make soul transplants... to be able to take what I have had the privilege of living and to patch it right into others. I have the feeling of living in an absurd world, since we hardly ever talk about the really important things, we live as if they didn't exist... and we are constantly being bombarded with the terrible importance of those things which do not have it. I hope to be able to go beyond the average superficiality. The blog structure has the advantage of being flexible enough for my disorganization. Maybe this time I can really keep a diary.

1 comment:

okiehillgirl said...

excellent idea! you have a lot to say. say it.